Redefining the Elevator User Experience

Enhance the lift user experience with real-time information on the go and use elevator lighting to create an exciting, multi-sensory ride experience. In addition to elevator LED lighting, other smart building upgrades can also be added to create the best innovative elevator experience, improving accessibility and availability.


Discover Elevator Experience for Existing Buildings


Functional Elevator Car Design

KONE offers an elevator car design with an interior that’s easier than ever to clean, maintain, and keep looking its best with our new range of innovative and durable materials, including finishes with anti-fingerprint properties.

Impactful Elevator Lighting

Create just the right ambiance with impactful elevator lighting. Our new range includes diffused, direct, and indirect lighting that can be combined for a stunning effect.


Health and Well-Being Solutions

KONE’s people flow expertise, together with a range of health and well-being solutions, helps to increase safety and contribute to a healthier building environment.

Inspiring infotainment Solutions

From crisp, clear, easily updatable in-car infotainment screens to fully customizable media content, KONE DX Class elevators offer a host of different ways to inform, entertain, and inspire passengers.

At KONE, we put people first. We believe that we can make cities better places to live by focusing on inspiring experiences that are based on the needs and insights of real people. – Timo Tiainen, Director, Concepts and Design

Digital-enabled lift design for an ever-evolving experience

Paint walls with light to create just the right mood, engage passengers with eye-catching full-wall ads and rolling social media updates, and enrich the experience even further with sounds to match.

Subtle, adaptable patterns

Our extensive pattern selection is designed to be both adaptable and functional, helping you to create a subtle yet impactful elevator cab interior that fits your building design perfectly while also being easy to clean and maintain.

Versatile color and material palette

Based on extensive research and close collaboration with customers, we’ve created a color and material palette that makes it as easy as possible to find a combination that fits your design vision perfectly.


Award-winning design

The design of KONE DX Class elevators has won four awards in the renowned Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 competition. The KONE DX Class elevator interior collection and the DX Class KONE digital experience elevator concept were awarded for their outstanding design features, innovativeness and smart elements.



Check out our ready-made elevator car designs or create your own unique interior by combining materials, lighting, and accessories. Bring your vision to life with 3D modeling and more with the KONE Car Designer.

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